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Searching for: large wall calendar system -I-

Wall Organization Systems

I've come to realize that in my home office I need to be able to pin up a lot of things, as well as have an easy way to see all my projects coming up and current project tasks.  When I can see something all the time I tend to be better at delivering it on schedule.

Probably the three most common mediums for a large wall calendar is a white board, corkboard, or chalkboard painting a wall.

I immediately strike out white board because personally I can never keep them looking attractive, and lets be honest, something that's on display 24/7 better look nice.

As for chalkboard paint  - I like the look of it, but I wonder how annoying the chalk dust is, and does that start to look dingy after awhile too?

I'm thinking a cork board wall is going to be my best bet.  The major pro to it is that I can paint it to match, or accent my walls, there are no chalk and/or markers involved, and I can pin things to it.

The cons?  I can't write directly on it, and I'm worried about the cost.  So while I continue pricing out supplies and planning out exactly what I need in a wall organization system, here are some ideas I think could work for me.

This is so pretty - and the black trim is such a nice touch.  I would just need to make out a grid for a calendar also.
via My Turnstone

via Pinterest via More Design Please

I think this is chalk, but the same concept could apply to cork..

I've used the clipboard idea before and I liked it.  Pretty much, each client/project had a clipboard and any notes or inspiration related to that project went on that clipboard.
via Pinterest via Inspired By Charm

I like this system, which I think is by Potterybarn, because you can pin things, stow things, write things, use magnets etc.  I also like the two month spread, which I will definitely need, because my projects almost always take at least two months!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gorgeous floor inspiration -I-

We are about to remove the carpeting in our home to hardwood floors, and while we are just having the new floor match the existing, I thought it would still be fun to search for some gorgeous floor inspiration!

 Loving the color of these floors
via 29 Rue House

I rented a brownstone in Brooklyn with floors like this one once.
via Airbnb
Wide plank...drooling

via Indulgy

I like the look of white washed floors - I'd like to know if they wear well...
via Indulgy

Clean and sleek floors.  Probably super easy to clean...
via Indulgy

Our original floors look like this, just not as glossy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Considering the Open Concept Layout -I-

Now that hubby and I are not longer spending every spare moment wedding planning, we are finally thinking about improvements that we'd like to make to our home.  Our house it a 50s rambler, and while it doesn't have the bones these amazing spaces do, we are still thinking about knocking down some walls to create a more open and modern space. 

Loving almost everything about this.
via Pinterest via NooshLoves

via Pinterest via Decorpad

Those beams - those windows!

Has anyone here remodeled for a more open layout?  Were you happy with the results?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Gallery Wall In The Making -I-

Guest Post via The Underestimated Mom

I have always been a huge fan of gallery walls and now that I finally own a house, I have been planning and decorating each room little by little and I am finally getting to my first gallery wall. My favorite ones are the mixed media styles, with canvas, frames, wood, a letter, and a sentimental item.

Really like some of the elements used in this photo/wall collage.
via liluna

My daughter's room has been a slow work in progress. With my office/craft room being first priority so I could get back on track with working, then having a baby kind of put a wrench in Emma's room design, but it's finally here! We got all of her furniture in and put together, the paint purchased, and I've slowly been buying decorative items!

My first purchase for the gallery wall was this canvas picture of my daughter. Its a large 20"x16" and I'm glad I got that size because it looks so tiny above her headboard. Now I just need to decide if I want it above her bed or her dresser. 

To go with the canvas I got a wooden E, the box white frames you see above that I'm going to put black & white scrap book paper behind, and a word collage from etsy that I need a black frame for! I also have a few other pictures on standby to fill in any gaps. The one thing I'm missing is a sentimental item!

Here's a closer look at the canvas I got. I am so impressed with the quality of it and plan on buying another one for Payton's room!

Where do you think it should go, above the dresser or the bed?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites: Barn & Gold Inspired -I-

To go along with this weeks theme of barn style and gold decor - I've come up with a list of Friday Favorites thanks to some awesome finds via etsy!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Trending now: Barn Houses to Barn Inspired Details -I-

Barn Inspiration

I was raised on a farm and knew I wanted a barn wedding before it became the trendiest thing on Pinterest.  I find old barns particularly beautiful, with the old stone and wood.  Below are some gorgeous barn homes, as well as some inspiration for incorporating some barn details into your own home.

via Style Me Pretty

The windows in barn houses are usually fantastic

Love the open concept a lot of barns have

The lush drapes and upholstery offer a nice contrast.

Love the white washed beams with the marble countertops....dying!
6 above via DigsDigs

via DigsDigs

A nice crisp take on barn/farm style furnishings

I love this...I imagine the horses could live just down the hall...

4 above via DigsDigs

Has anyone here ever lived in or visited a barn house?  Could you live in one?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A beautiful New York loft that evokes simple Quaker aesthetics -I-

This SoHo loft, spanning an entire New York block, is such a breath of fresh air. It is urban and glamorous, but at the same time peaceful and simple. Enjoy!

first two images via Urban Kaleidoscope the rest via Remodelista