Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inspiring ways to use subway tiles -I-

Sometimes the simplicity of subway tiles really makes me happy. They are simple, can be dressed up or dressed down, and always budget friendly. They are also a classic... but I'm interested to see what you think about them! Would you put subway tiles in your home?

subway tile

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our engagement photos! -I-

We were truly blessed on Saturday with an absolutely beautiful wedding. Our venue was all about the beautiful landscape around the barn so it was good weather was important! I will be sharing photos from our wedding with you soon, but first I wanted to share some of our engagement shots with you. 

Our photographer is Mallory Frazier of Mallory Frazier Photography, and she blew us away both on our engagement shoot and wedding. She is professional, but fun, and manages to make even me look photogenic!  Also check Mallory Frazier Photography on Facebook

Our shoot was also the first day we got our little Sammy, so of course we had to include him in some shots.

My parents' farm makes the perfect backdrop.

Mallory was great at following our shot list and at suggesting poses and coming up with some great shots...don't forget to check her out on Facebook and her site, Mallory Frazier Photography.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wallpaper I Wouldn't Mind Having -I-

The trends of wallpaper come and go but there are some styles that I feel like stick around really well and I could imagine having in my own home:

If the pattern is busy, I'd say go with a neutral color way or only one wall.
via Pinterest via BHG

Classic patterns, like the diamonds above or the stripes below, are a surefire and chic way to go.
via Pinterest via Apartment Therapy

Linen covered sofa - Striped wallpaper - Gallery wall in black, white, and browns
via thedecorista

Going with neutral colors or a simple print like stripes is a great choice for something that can last a a long time in a home and potentially resell just fine!

via Pinterest via Real Simple

Prints that seem to stick around are another option. There are always those few that don't seem to ever go out of style. Floral trellises are one example.
via pinterest
If you know you are going to be in the home you are in go with something you love! My suggestion would be to pick something you know you will still love years down the road, like a print you've always adored, since changing up wallpaper isn't as easy. 

horizontal bead board...mudroom inspiration
via indulgy

Have fun with it, because after all - it is your home!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Brick & Wood -I-

Although I haven't been in the rustic mood lately sometimes I find a space that has brick and wood mixed together so perfectly, I could imagine falling in love with the space and living there. Here's a few reasons why I love the mix:

I'd love to curl up on that chair and take a nap in the sun
via 79ideas
It looks so natural and with the natural materials brings the neutral colors which makes it easy to furnish however you like!

Wooden beams and brick wall
via creativehome

It can really be dressed up to look luxurious! You don't have to go rustic with it. There's something about mixing it with some high end materials can give it a very classy look.

tufted headboard...getting one of these in the future! and love the simplicity of the exposed brick and wood floors with large love that
via pinterest

Not a fan of the red brick? White washing is always an option. It still looks amazing and can add a little brightness to the room as well. 

A beautiful transition between in and out...
via hausdesign

Go all out with some great detail by mixing the brick and wood in the flooring! This look has so much character but it doesn't take away from the rest of the house either. I absolutely love it!

loft like office space design. Love that exposed brick wall.
via pinterest

Monday, May 19, 2014

Calming, beautiful color -I-

I think lavender is a surprising calming, relaxing color that doesn't get a lot of attention.  So here's a little spotlight on lavender -  I hope you find it inspiring!

A lovely rug or throw blanket can do the trick if you are the person who loves to change up colors often. This shade of lavender is so pretty

purple in the bathroom #purple #bathroom #showercurtain
via peppermags
Using lavender in a modern application can help the space from feeling two feminine.  This shower curtain might be purple, but it has a modern indie vibe to it that won't scare off the men folk.

via Houzz

This bedroom is so pretty and comfortable looking.  And it was designed for a (very lucky) teenage girl!

via Houzz
The lavender used in this entry way and stairs is soft and unobtrusive, but you still notice it.

via Houzz

Are you a fan of lavender?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Small Kitchen Inspiration and Ideas for adding space -I-

Working within a small space is a hard job, especially in a kitchen when you love to cook! There are some really creative ways to work in a small kitchen and one of them is a small island. Sometimes you just need that extra work space and it can make a huge difference, and also look pretty awesome.  I have also found that once I get my small kitchen organized, it can actually be easier to cook in because everything is within an arm's reach!

An island is an obvious solution and for good reason.  They can add surface/work space and storage underneath.  And these days, you have your pick when it comes to island style, size, etc.
via Houzz

I don't think the island has to match your cabinetry, but I do like them to be tied into at least one other element in the space, like this island does the hood.
via Apartment Therapy

via Houzz

Keep it clean and sleek looking and it will help keep the small space from looking cluttered. Dress it up with a vase and flowers when you have company over. 

Buy one with wheels so it can roll away if you need it to! Some kitchen's need that extra work space but it's not convenient to have around all the time.  We actually have this exact same island from Ikea and it's going strong 4 years later. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Absolutely gorgeous, swoon-worthy rooms -I-

So maybe it's not the best idea to pine after homes I will most likely never own, but A. I can't help it, and B. It keeps me motivated to work harder!

But for now, with our wedding 10 DAYS AWAY, I need a little serenity.  Enjoy!

 Windows to the world.  Round coffee table.

Hranowsky can do no wrong.
via Angie Hranowsky

Pretty close to my dream kitchen, except for the open shelving
via Houzz

Love that this backs up to the woods, and the multiple levels.
via Houzz

via Houzz

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beautiful and clever small closet ideas -I-

In older homes and small apartments it's hard to find great storage and closet space solutions. Don't let the words wardrobe and armoire scare you though! There are some seriously great designs to choose from that give you the storage you need.

When it comes to hanging your clothing, if your space is lacking a built-in closet, a stand-in wardrobe can be just as effective.  By adding in shelving, baskets, shoe racks, drawer units and even pin-boards for outfit inspiration, you have a custom closet solution tailored to your personal needs.
via bhg

There are simple, modern, sleek ones that let you close all the doors and not notice any clutter. Most of these have great options for how you can stack and shelve things as well!

We have a very, very small linen closet in our home that could really benefit from a treatment like this.
via Pinterest 

 We've all seen the closet-turned-home office - I still like finding a good one!
via Pinterest via Modern Home Decor

via CasaSugar

Don't neglect small accessories - they need a designated place too. Having these guys piled up in a corner or shelf can really make or break the feeling of chaos.  Clear acrylic boxes or no-frills baskets are a good way to organize small items if you don't have a drawer.

Your walls are your best friends when you live small.  Hang as much up as you can and save precious surface, drawer, and rail space for items that can't go on walls.

via Pinterest via Place of My Taste

A simple traditional look with more storage necessities than you could ask for! Although this lacks hanging space it can be a great addition to a small closet, or a place to organize craft supplies.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Decorating with plants and house plant inspiration -I-

With the sun shining in through the window and the spring bringing beautiful flowers, I've decided to share some great ideas to enjoy some of that outdoor lifestyle inside with your home decor.  I don't have great luck with plants - easy care ones I even tend to kill - snake plant, etc...while more delicate ones I somehow manage to keep alive.  Still, I love the way they look (when they are healthy)  and I love the air filtering benefits of plants.

Sneak Peek: Best of Indoor Plants. Copper plant holder in Alison and Jeff Allen’s South Minneapolis home. #sneakpeek

Mix it in with the decor you already have by choosing the pot or container with the same care you would any other piece of decor.

Trees are a great way to soften a corner...

Or just for adding impact.
via Pinterest via CasaSugar

via Inspired by Charm

via Pinterest via LoLo Moda
I love terrariums, and they are a great way to start small if you aren't sure or you don't feel like you have the green thumb. A little can go a long way and some of these are seriously adorable!

via Belle Maison
I also love the look of plants - potted or hanging, in the bathroom.

Do you have good luck with house plants?  If so, please share your secrets in the comments section!