Friday, April 26, 2013

Super Dreamy Kitchens -I-

Happy Friday everyone!  I am excited to create my dream kitchen in our new home, here are some looks I'm loving...

A dramatic pendant over the sink.
via BHG

A wall mounted monitor - most of my recipes are from the computer, and I don't like to waste ink or paper printing out a recipe that I may not like.

Open shelves aren't for me, but otherwise this kitchen is a dream...
2 above via House Beautiful

The gray brick is really beautiful, but I wouldn't want the stainless steel counters.
via Interiors Porn

The three below are all from the same kitchen.  I think I'm definitely going to go with white cabinets.  I also love the marble countertops, but that won't be in our budget for a long, long time.

The hood is really cool

Love those stools too, and the pendant lights

3 above via House Beautiful

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jennifer Aniston's Manhattan Brownstone in "Bounty Hunter" -I-

I wanted to show you what in my opinion was the only decent thing about the 2010 movie "The Bounty Hunter." Sorry to anyone who liked it, but I felt that this was one of those films studios just release to meet a quota or something...

The only part of the movie I really paid attention to were the scenes that took place in Nicole's (Aniston) Manhattan brownstone. I didn't think an investigative reporter could afford a Manhattan brownstone, but hey, if Carrie Bradshaw could afford that spacious Upper East Side "studio," an investigative reporter can afford a whole brownstone I guess. ?

Anyway the character's home is super bright, cute, and cheerful. Maybe a teensy bit too "whimsical" for my taste at times, but definitely worth a close look (hint: if you click on the images a larger version will pop up)

The kitchen obviously.  The cabinet backs painted to match the blue walls was something I haven't seen before.

The home is covered in really cute wallpaper that manages to be quiet but noticeable.

A LOT of pattern in both upholstery and wall paper, a bit too much for me, but it's really fun to look at.

Love those sconces, and the modern bookshelf against the crown moulding.

With the curtains this is too much pattern for me.  If they were just white I'd like it better.  I thought it was interesting that the couch is slipcovered.  It makes me wonder if that was a conscience decision by the designer or if they were like, "This character would put a slipcover on her sofa..."

What do you think of the house?

*The Bounty Hunter is property of Columbia Pictures

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In my dreams - Timber Windows -I-

So, just recently I was told about timber windows, I've bee admiring them all along, I just didn't know they were called timber windows, which I blame on my lack of an interior design education. I have a feeling that now that I know what they are called, I will be noticing them a whole lot more. My new found discovery also poses a BIG problem. Like all things of great beauty and quality...and therefore, expense - I want them!



I imagine that well made and maintained timber windows can outlast (and out-beautify!), any PVC window.  Depending on the architecture of the rest of your home, they can add an old-world charm, or a clean and strong contemporary feel.


 Even on an old home, brand new timber windows don't take away from the charm.
Check out the scalloped roof!!! Okay, focusing...


After a little reading, it looks like your biggest concern is the fact that wood contracts and expands, so managing humidity in the interior is important.  Also, maintaining the windows' exteriors with the proper sealants and finishes will ensure they enjoy a long life.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

All about wood furniture - the basics you should know -I-

When it comes to furnishing a house, many home owners opt for wooden furniture to provide both a traditional and elegant environment. It has been a popular material for many years, okay, for always,  for both furniture and for use in construction – and this is mainly down to its durability.

Pieces of wooden furniture often get handed down from generation to generation, becoming valuable antiques and cherished family heirlooms. Wood is not only timeless, but it is also adaptable to any style.

via Adore Home

via Schuyler Samperton

When choosing your furniture, you will need to decide between hardwoods and softwoods (the former come from deciduous trees whereas the latter come from coniferous or ‘evergreen’ trees). Oak furniture is a popular hardwood choice, as it is incredibly strong and long-lasting, with other popular options being walnut furniture and teak furniture, both of which create a high-end look that some homeowners prefer.

A stunning dark oak French Key chest.

Wood happily accepts paint and new upholstery can make any piece match your style.
via Rue Mag

via Covet Garden

Softwoods are generally more affordable, with cedar and pine being the most popular. For people who want a light, attractive wood for their furniture, pine ranges from a pale yellow colour to a medium brown, and its fresh fragrance makes it a highly desirable option. Pine is also particularly suitable for painting and varnishing, giving more options to create different styles.

Antique pine.

Dark woods – such as mahogany, walnut and rosewood – can be used to create a rich, expensive-looking décor whereas light woods – such as pine, ash and maple – can often create a cottagey feel, say for a country kitchen.

Solid oak furniture is one of the most popular options at the moment due to its durability and versatility, and it comes in various different types and finishes. Choose a reclaimed or reproduction piece to fit in with a traditional or rustic style house, or furnish your modern, contemporary home with weathered or limed oak furniture to give it a subtle vintage look.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Shabby Apple giveaway! $75.00 Gift Card! -I-

I ran a Shabby Apple giveaway last year with great success, so I figured you guys wouldn't mind if I hosted another fabulous giveaway from the folks at Shabby Apple.  This time you have a chance to win  a $75.00 Shabby Apple giftcard!

To enter to win, you MUST like Shabby Apple on Facebook and you MUST leave a comment on the post listing your favorite Shabby Apple product. Please DON'T FORGET to provide me with some way to get in touch with you.  I'd say 25% of the time the winner I randomly draw leaves no email address and they never respond to my post announcing the winner.

This widget makes it VERY easy to "Like" them on Facebook.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
To comment on this post (scroll to the bottom of this post and right above "Labels" you will see a number followed by the word "comments." Click on the word "Comments." Or, you will see a link, "Post a Comment," which you click on to comment.

Shabby Apple is an online dress boutique that specializes in vintage and retro dresses. Click Here: vintage dresses

They also have a lot of other "retro" goodies - skirts, tops, jewelry, and accessories...

Best of Luck! Contest closes April 30th at 12 AM EST!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

40oz NYC -I-

The name “40 oz NYC” refers to a series of events that take place over the summer at Riverside Park in Washington Heights. Growing into a brand associated with establishing meaningful connections in a laid back atmosphere, the label has made a name for itself with a line of headwear seen on notable personalities like Kendrick Lamar and DJ Khaled.
Givenchy Inspired -Black/White
Givenchy Inspired -Black
Balmain Inspired LA-Royal
Balmain Inspired LA - Black/White
Balmain Inspired NY - Red
Balmain Inspired NY - Black/White
Balmain Inspired NY - Black
40oz x Vintage Frames Company "RICH" - Black

Now available at CROSSOVER

Friday, April 19, 2013

Gathering inspiration for my home office -I-

As some of you know, we just bought a home and I will have my first true home office. Not in the dining room, or the nook of the bedroom, a whole separate room!

Here are some office spaces I really like:

The 4 images below show the office of Apartment 34's Erin Hiemstra

Loving those gold pendants!

This sitting area is great for flipping through magazines, sketching, etc..

via Rue Mag

The office of Maison Luxe, based in Seattle.

Great use of the nook!

via Rue Mag